Wilderbean chickpea pasta yellow chickpe


Wilderbean chickpea pasta yellow chickpe

Where can I buy Wilderbean products?

We're in a growing number of health food stores and independent grocers in Victoria and NSW. You can find a list of our stockists here. Interstate customers can order through our website as we ship nationwide.

How long until I receive the order I placed in your online shop?

We post our online sales to customer with Australia Post. Shipping times are typically 4-7 business days, however corona virus may cause some delays.

Why is there cloudiness and foam in the pot when I cook Wilderbean pasta?

Wilderbean can produce more cloudiness and foam than traditional wheat pasta. If you have ever cooked chickpeas at home you would have seen that they also naturally foam when cooked. This happens when water soluble starches in the pasta move into the water. Some tricks to reduce the foam are to use a low heat, simmer gently, and use a larger pot with more water.

Any tips for cooking Wilderbean pasta to perfection?

Here's a few hints that we cook by:

- While we recommend that you cook Wilderbean for approximately 10 minutes, cooking times can vary. To get the level of chew that suits you, we recommend you do a chew test at about 8 minutes and every minute thereafter until you get it just right.

- To reduce the level of foaming have your stove top on a low heat and simmer gently. A rapid boil will increase foaming.

- To prevent the noodles from sticking together, give them a good stir when you first start to cook them and occasionally as they cook.

Does Wilderbean pasta work for cold served dishes such as pasta salads?

Yes, Wilderbean can be used in salads and cold dishes. We suggest that you rinse the noodles briefly in cool water to take out any heat before you add them to your salad ingredients.

Wilderbean noodles will continue to absorb moisture if they are stored overnight in a salad dressing which can change their texture. They'll still taste great, but if you want a fresh-cooked texture, avoid storing the noodles in a dressing.

Is Wilderbean Mac and Cheese dairy free?

Yes, our Mac and Cheeze seasonings are made with plant based ingredients and are 100% dairy free.

Are Wilderbean products gluten free?

Wilderbean Chickpea Pasta and Mac & Cheeze are gluten free. We test every batch to ensure that they are always free from gluten.

While we make all our products in our allergen free facility, the spice blends in our dahl products may contain trace levels of gluten.

Please check the label of our product.

I don’t have a compost bin, how can I dispose of the compostable wrapper?

If you're not already composting it's worth doing some research to see how you can best manage your organic waste. Composting reduces the release of greenhouse gases which occurs when organic matter goes to landfuill. It’s relatively simple to setup a compost bin at home, try visiting Sustainability Victoria or Gardening Australia to explore options that might suit you. Alternatively, many councils now collect food waste as part of their green waste collection services. Check with your council whether your neighbourhood has this service. Another option is to find someone in your neighbourhood who is composting. ShareWaste has a platform which connects people with compost bins with people with extra food scraps. If the above options aren't suitable for you, the wrapper can go with your regular landfill waste.