Wilderbean chickpea pasta orange chickpe
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Wilderbean chickpea pasta yellow chickpe

Savour the scarce

Water is precious, and getting more so. Animal derived protein is hugely water intense. On the other hand, chickpeas, beans and lentils are like super efficient little factories, evolved to create protein with minimal water input. That's why the future of protein is plant based!

Wilderbean chickpea pasta water efficien

Litres of water required to produce 1kg of food.

Wilderbean chickpea pasta carbon footpri

Kilograms of greenhouse gases produced in the making of 1kg of food.

Wilderbean chickpea pasta orange chickpe

Protein without the methane

Modern western diets are big on meat, and even bigger on greenhouse impact. If you’re looking to tread a little lighter, switching animal protein for plant protein is the way to go. Replenish your body without depleting the planet. What’s more, plant protein is easier to digest than the animal kind  – physically and metaphorically.

Wilderbean chickpea pasta yellow chickpe

Comfort food gets a
better (non-plastic) wrap

The inconvenient truth is that by 2050 there’ll be more plastic in the ocean than fish. The food industry has a vital role to play in ending single-use plastic which is why Wilderbean comes in a certified 100% home compostable pouch. Our cardboard is 100% post consumer recycled and printed using vegetable inks. Don’t yet have a compost bin? Click here for your options.

Wilderbean chickpea pasta compostable pa
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Wilderbean chickpea pasta orange chickpe

Loving you for loving local

When you buy locally made products filled with locally grown ingredients you’re not only reducing food miles, you’re also supporting our Aussie farmers, millers and rural economies. We love to source and champion local wherever we can, right through to our packaging which is printed in Melbourne.

Solar powered

Wilderbean chickpea pasta orange chickpe

Wilderbean's production site is powered with the help of the sun, with the future in mind. We've installed 19kW of solar panels which produce up to 3,000 kWh of electricity each month and saves 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Comfort food tastes that bit better when you know your foot print's reduced. We'll eat to that!

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